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Comparative Analysis of International Tuitions Fees in Australia 






Studymove conducts an annual comparative analysis of international tuition fees for all 39 Australian universities. The study collects information on international tuition fees for undergraduate (Bachelor degrees only), postgraduate (Masters by coursework only) and study abroad programs in Australia.


This is the third time this comparative analysis has been conducted. The 2017 report will include an analysis of fees for over 4,500 programs and will include over 80 pages of useful tables and charts.


The 2015 and 2016 findings were presented at AIEC in 2015 and 2016 . A summary of our 2015 findings were also featured in the IEAA Vista magazine (Winter 2015 edition). A video summary of one of the AIEC presentations can be viewed here.



Pricing is one of the most important elements of the marketing mix and for the international education sector the topic of price represents a complex process. It involves a great understanding of market conditions, the position of other competitors in the marketplace, fluctuations in exchange rates for several currencies and the management of not only one product but a large portfolio of education programs with unique characteristics.


In addition, a pricing strategy for international students not only has implications affecting the perception of where the university sits in the marketplace; it also represents an essential component of the university’s financial planning. Setting the right price would maximize the efforts of each university in recruiting international students and would also ensure they reach their overall financial goals according to university budgets.


Australian universities are experiencing a more competitive environment within Australian borders so there is a need to have a greater understanding of the pricing strategy implemented by competitors nationally not only from a state or territory perspective. There is also evidence that suggests that prospective students are changing the way in which they select their preferred program. It suggests that international students are considering elements such as program structure, quality of the program, graduate outcomes and price before considering the city they would prefer to study and live in.


This competitive environment and change in student preferences is creating the need for Australian universities to better understand the complete spectrum of pricing strategies across all universities and compare their position against all competitors as international students are comparing not only universities in a particular city but nationally.


Our analysis of international tuition fees 

The study collects information on international tuition fees for undergraduate (Bachelor degrees only), postgraduate (Masters by coursework only) and study abroad programs in Australia which are widely available in the public domain via university websites and printed materials. The information is aggregated and sorted into a selected group of categories with the objective of giving institutions valuable information to review and which will assist them in setting their future price strategy.

The report clearly indicates the position of each university in the marketplace in comparison with other universities.

The report consists of detailed graphs plotting each university’s average fees for each indicator and field of study. Each participating university receives a personalized report indicating their specific position against other universities.  


The comprehensive report provides over 80 pages of information on international tuition fees including:


Average and median for undergraduate programs

Average and median for postgraduate programs

Average and median for study abroad programs

Average and median per field of study:

o   Agriculture, Environmental and Related Studies

o   Architecture and Building

o   Creative Arts

o   Education

o   Engineering and Related Technologies

o   Food, Hospitality and Personal Services

o   Health

o   Information Technology

o   Management and Commerce (excluding MBA)

o   MBA (Postgraduate only)

o   Natural and Physical Sciences

o   Society and Culture


The 2017 report will include a thorough analysis of the relationship between international university rankings and international tuition fees and new graphs and tables that provide the percentage increment in comparison with 2016 fees. This is a useful addition that will allow institutions to understand how much competitors are increasing their fees every year. 


This study is essential for all university and institution managers to better understand their institutions position in the market and we believe the important information contained in the report will provide support for future fee setting decisions.



How to purchase the 2017 report 

If you would like to obtain a copy of the analysis of 2017 fees, please contact us:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone: 0466 661 056

Skype: keri_ramirez



We welcome any feedback you have regarding this project and we are happy to discuss your requirements to ensure that this project meets your specific needs.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon. 



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