Domestic Fees in Australia

Domestic Full-Fee Paying Tuition Fees in Australia

After receiving requests from various Planning, Recruitment and Admissions Offices at Australian universities, we have developed a database to identify the domestic full-fee paying tuition fees published by Australian universities for postgraduate coursework programs. 


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Domestic Fees in Australia

  • Studymove Pty Ltd started collecting data relating to the postgraduate coursework tuition fees for domestic full-fee paying students in 2019 and will continue to do so on an annual basis after receiving various requests from Australian universities.  

    The database includes tuition fee information for all domestic fee-paying students (DFEE) and for postgraduate coursework programs including Masters, Graduate Certificates and Graduate Diplomas available at all Australia universities. 

    We also include those study programs with Commonwealth Support Places (CSP) and list relevant CSP fees where the information is published and made available by universities.  

    The dataset includes fees for over 4,700 programs. 


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The database includes tuition fee information for all domestic fee-paying students (DFEE) for postgraduate Masters by coursework programs available at all Australia universities. 



Australian universities are experiencing a more competitive environment within Australian borders so there is a need to have a greater understanding of the pricing strategy implemented by competitors nationally and not only from a state or territory perspective.


Keri Ramirez, Co-Founder, Studymove
Keri Ramirez
  • This database includes annual domestic full-fee paying tuition fee information for the majority of Australian universities and over 4,700 postgraduate coursework study programs each year.

  • Programs are categorised into 10 relevant fields of study and the average tuition fee for each university is presented as part of this comparative analysis.

  • You can access a complete dataset at an affordable price!

  • The database will assist you to understand the position of each university in the marketplace in comparison with other universities.

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