About The Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA) 

The BTTA is one of the most important consortium of universities in the United States. The group includes some of the leading institutions in learning abroad in the United States and during 2014 they reported the equivalent fo almost 10% of the total learning abroad participants nationwide reported in the 2014 Open Doors report (Institute for International Education, 2014). 


 Our benchmark report  

Over the last 5 years, Studymove has been working closely with this important group of institutions. Their annual benchmark represents an important effort from institutions in the collection of relevant and comparable data and has proven to be very useful for the assessment and enhancement of strategies across the group.


The aim of this analysis was to obtain comparative data across the group that would assist the execution of international learning abroad strategies for each institution and also track important parameters that allow institution to assess their activities in the learning abroad area.


This comprehensive report covers the following areas:

1. Student participation in learning abroad programs

2. Top destinations for international learning abroad programs

3. Resources and management of international mobility strategies

4. Funding and support of international mobility strategies

5. Inbound moblity students

6. Use of online and social media for the promotion of international mobility programs

7. Student success for students undertaking learning abroad experiences 



 Acknowledgement from IIE    

We are also very excited to see that the report has made an important contribution to the analysis of non-credit activities as recognised by The Institute for International Education (IIE). A recent report from IIE recognizes the importance of the BTTA International Learning Abroad Benchmark as one of the very few studies to provide an analysis of all learning abroad programs (both for-credit and non-credit) in the United States.


A copy of the IIE’s report can be downloaded via this link: http://www.iie.org/~/media/Files/Corporate/Publications/The-World-Is-The-New-Classroom-Non-Credit-Education-Abroad.pdf?la=en


We are very pleased to see this analysis is making a contribution in the sector and we will continue to strive in providing a comprehensive analysis to all participating universities.


The Big Ten 2016 International Learning Abroad Benchmark report is due for completion in September 2016.  



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