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2017 International Tuition Fees in Australia

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The results are ready! 


This week STUDYMOVE completed the 2017 “Comparative Analysis of International Tuition Fees in Australia”.


We reviewed more than 4,500 programs from all 39 universities in Australia during the development of the report and the results are really interesting.


The report is 90 pages long and includes detailed information including the average cost of undergraduate, postgraduate and study abroad programs for various fields of study from all universities.


This is the third year we have conducted this analysis. Using the results from last year, we were able to compare the 2017 international student tuition fees with 2016 fees and provide an additional analysis which illustrates the difference in fees between last year and this year. This valuable information enables institutions to gain a better understanding of the increase or decrease of fees during this period.


Today we wanted to share some interesting results from our analysis:



Only three Australian universities maintained similar fees this year. The majority of the universities increased fees in 2017 by between 4% and 6%.  



On average across all universities, the annual international tuition fee for international students is 4.9% more in 2017 compared with 2016 fees.



The increase in the average annual international tuition fee is significantly higher than the forecast inflation rate of 2% however, we need to consider that this increment in tuition fees will be offset once again by a significant change in the Australian dollar against some currencies.



For undergraduate programs, the annual international tuition fee in 2017 is $29,235 compared with $28,064 in 2016 and $26,258 in 2015. In comparing 2016 and 2017 fees, this represents an increase of $1,171 (4.2% more) in the average annual tuition fee for undergraduate programs.


We believe it is a really useful report for International Office Directors and Managers not only to compare their fees but to enable them to implement effective marketing and recruitment strategies to highlight their unique selling points


If you would like to obtain more information about this analysis or purchase the complete report please contact us with any questions you may have.



How to purchase the 2017 report 

To obtain a copy of the analysis contact us today:

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Telephone: +612 6100 4121

Twitter: @Studymove

Web: www.studymove.com


We welcome any feedback you have regarding this project and we are happy to discuss your requirements to ensure that this project meets your specific needs.