This year, education providers have been participating in more virtual education fairs to support student recruitment strategies. We asked marketing and recruitment professionals working within Australian education institutions, their thoughts on whether they are effective recruitment channels. 


A few weeks ago, we presented some valuable data insights during the latest IEAA’s Marketing and recruitment session. During this session, we asked the audience to share some of their experiences in virtual fairs.


This was important because we are all learning about how we can effectively use this new digital tool. Below we share some of the results of the live online survey which we developed for this session. More than 250 experts in marketing and student recruitment participated in this short online survey!


Effectiveness of Virtual Fairs

We asked the audience their views in regards to the effectiveness of virtual fairs to create new leads, applications and to engage with potential candidates. Overall, the results present a positive view in relation to engagement with potential candidates.



Future investment

Overall, institutions which participated in this live survey indicated that they will continue investing in virtual fairs in 2021 at the same level.


One word to describe virtual fairs

This was an open question just to get a feeling of the experiences in virtual fairs at this stage. There were mixed results which might be the result of the user engagement with a new digital channel. It also shows a possible need for training for institutions to engage more effectively with virtual fairs.


We are all learning about this new channel and we hope this information is useful to all!