Data is power and to make effective business decisions for 2021, the education industry will need access to timely and accurate data and the insights the data will reveal!



Our mission for 2021 is to provide education institutions with comparative data which will assist and support their efforts on the road to recovery.

There are many metrics which need to be analysed to ensure that all policies and strategies are optimal in addressing the needs of all stakeholders and ensure that your institution is placing themselves in a competitive position compared to other competitor institutions. 

Now more than ever, education institutions need to be more proactive in responding to student and strategic partners preferences and needs. Institutions also need to focus on their resilience in extremely complicated times and ensure productivity remains high.
We have created a range of new data reports which will give you access to the data that you may not have had the time or resources to collate within your institution in the past.
Support your 2021 recovery

During this period of uncertainty, it is essential to have access to key data to support your strategies.

Effective analysis

We have researched and cleaned vast amounts of industry data to support your recovery.

Data for a post COVID world

We have expanded and improved our range of data reports to equip you and your team with critical data to successfully manage the challenges of 2021.



These data insights will fast track and enhance marketing and recruitment strategies and ensure all staff are well informed about current market conditions.
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These reports can be tailored to your specific needs and are available when you need them.
Contact us to purchase these reports or to arrange a demonstration of how our data could support you and your team in making data driven decisions in 2021!



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