The most comprehensive analysis of scholarships for new international students in Australia is available now!


We are pleased to share some good news with you. This week and ahead of schedule we released our “2023 Analysis of Scholarships of International students in Australia”.

This is our most comprehensive analysis of scholarships for new international students. After an extensive review of information, we obtained key information from more than 570 scholarship programs offered by all 40 Australian universities.

We really excited to introduce you our 2023 report which provides a comprehensive analysis of scholarships for new international students in Australia.


We understand that this is currently an important topic for universities and for that reason, we have created this report which includes information on all the relevant scholarship programs offered by Australian universities to new commencing international students.


The 2023 report includes a complete database of more than 550 scholarships offered to new international students in Australia for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs.  The report focuses on scholarships offered by universities themselves either centrally or via a faculty rather than external scholarships available via government bodies or other private entities for example.


We have captured the key information for each scholarship in the report such as the eligibility requirements, scholarship value, terms and conditions and whether the scholarship is offered for a specific programs or for citizens of a particular country for example. We provide a written report containing a summary of the analysis and to complement the written report we also provide you with a database containing the comprehensive list of all the scholarships available.


Our analysis will enable you to gain a clear understanding of how other Australian universities may be using scholarships as a key driver in their recruitment strategies.


Within the database, we highlight the scholarships which are available by study levels, study programs or those that are offered to students from specific countries. We believe that this report will be very useful for you to review not only the scholarships available at other Australian universities but also to understand the range of scholarships published on your university website for international students.


To purchase the report or to obtain additional information please contact via this link!