In this weekly chart we're going to talk about the number of student visas granted for higher education programs in Australia. There is a very interesting amount of data that is relevant to tune a student and recruitment strategies and for this reason we are sharing some of our analysis with you.


The data shows that the second half of the year saw an amazing growth in the amount of student visas granted for higher education programs. Nearly 118,000 visas were issued, which is a 36 percent increase from the maximum amount in 2019.


We should point out that the majority of this growth happened in the last two months of 2022, particularly in November and December.

Also it's interesting to see this chart by nationality and I'm happy to report that the majority of the top markets actually have some healthy growth during this period.


But it's interesting to see that the top two source markets for Australia, which are of course China and India. During this period the higher education sector reported, the same levels of student visas granted for Chinese students than 2019 and 2018, while India continues to grow impressively and we reach nearly 30 000 student visas granted, which is significantly more than we have seen in previous years.


This chart provides alsos ome very interesting information about the types of students who are receiving student visas. There are three main groups of students: young students, between the ages of 15 and 19; middle-aged students, between the ages of 20 and 24; and mature-age students, those who are over 24. It's particularly interesting to look at the mature age group, which currently growing at the fastest rate.


I hope this chart of the week was useful for you if you have any comments or feedback please contact us.