Studymove shares the main findings on the analysis of 2023 international student fees and scholarships available for new international students.


1. Analysis of 2023 International Student Fees in Australia

In reviewing more than 6,600 programs offered by all 40 Australian universities in 2023, we have identified that universities are adjusting their pricing positions according to more favourable market conditions.




2. 2023 Analysis of Scholarships for International Students

This is our most comprehensive analysis of scholarships for new #internationalstudents. After an extensive review of information, we obtained key information from more than 570 scholarship programs offered by all 40 Australian universities. In addition to our extensive review and to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the use of scholarships, we have classified each scholarship program to identify if the scholarships are considered fee waivers, merit-based scholarships and equity scholarships. This additional classification will provide an additional layer of understanding of how competitors use scholarships to support their student conversion strategies!




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