Studymove in NAFSA 2018


  See you at NAFSA 2018 in Philadelphia   

This year we will be presenting at NAFSA for the first time! Our session titled "Using Comparative Data to Enhance Learning Abroad Strategies" will be on Wednesday 30 May from 8.30am - 9.30am in PCC, Room 112A. We hope to see you there for an engaging and thought-provoking session presented by:



We have been on various data discovery journeys this year and we will be highlighting some of these during NAFSA including:


International Student Mobility Benchmark - Studymove is also finalising the second International Mobility Benchmark report for nine global universities who are leaders in sending students on learning abroad programs. This group of universities is already benefiting from collaborating and sharing data to improve their learning abroad operations and strategies and we will be excited to meet with them to present the results for this year! 


Announcing the new American Benchmark of Learning Abroad - Many of you may be aware that over the last year we have worked with 13 Big Ten Alliance member universities in developing a benchmark of Learning Abroad. Well now, we are going even bigger!

We are thrilled to announce the development of a new major benchmark - the American Benchmark for Learning Abroad. This new benchmark will bring together leading US public universities in the area of learning abroad to collarobate on sharing data about their operations and strategies. We will be holding a meeting with interested US universities and we are currently accepting expressions of interest from large US public universities with a minimum of 1,250 students participating in credit and non-credit Learning Abroad programs. More information:


New Zealand Universities - Benchmark - The New Zealand International Education Benchmark is in its third year and we are honoured to assist all eight universities in developing this comprehensive instrument to assist in future operations. We will be meeting with the New Zealand universities to discuss the 2018 project. 



Data Shop

DATA SHOP We launched our Data Shop in October 2017 and since then we have developed various reports and databases containing important and relevant industry data. Universities now for the first time, have access to important, timely and complete data like never before! A range of data is available now for purchase including data on:


  • Tuition fees for international students in Australia and New Zealand

  • Scholarships for international students in Australia

  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate entry requirements for all programs and all universities in Australia and New Zealand

  • English language entry requirements for undergraduate, postgraduate and study abroad programs for all Australian universities. 

  • Study Abroad fees analysis by US Partners


A substantial number of universities and government departments have already purchased the reports and we are happy to give those interested a sneak peak of the reports during NAFSA. Please contact Keri to arrange a meeting!


We look forward to talking to new and current clients about how we can assist them with their specific data needs. 

There is so much we would love to talk to you about and we have so many ideas about how we could complement your operations and strategies. We invite you to meet with Keri Ramirez at NAFSA to find out more about his innovative ideas to support your institution.  


We wish you all a very successful NAFSA week and we look forward to seeing you soon!


Meet with us during NAFSA!

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