This is the largest dataset of education agencies currently working with Australian universities.


This is the largest dataset of education agencies currently working with Australian universities.

During these challenging times, universities are looking to strengthen their in-country presence in traditional and emerging markets.

With this in mind, we recently conducted comprehensive research on all education agencies around the world currently working with Australian universities.

The aim of this research is to equip institutions with relevant information to provide additional support to education agents and to assist institutions looking to expand their education agency network.



EducationAgents inAustraliacombo chartThe data collected

We have researched and cleaned vast amounts of industry data. We provide a clear and concise analysis which is insightful and dynamic.

For this dataset, we collected information from all Australian university websites regarding which education agencies they are working with around the world.

We identified 6,702 education agency offices around the world reported by all 39 Australian Universities. Of the total, 17.2% of these offices are operating in Australia and 82.8% in other countries around the world.


combo chartWhat information is included in this analysis?

This dataset will enable you to gain a clear understanding of where Australian universities are engaging with education agencies. The dataset will also support your future recruitment strategies and future decisions in regards to expanding your education agency network.

This dataset provides specific information such as:

• Name and location of education agencies working with each university.
• A clean and standardised dataset illustrating how competitor universities are engaging with education agents in each country.
• The report includes a complete database of more than 6,700 education agencies working with Australian universities around the world.

combo chartBenefits of the analysis for your institution

This comparative analysis provides a solid understanding of how Australian universities are supporting their recruitment strategies to attract international students and how they may be collaborating with a network of education agencies in specific markets.

This report may also provide universities with the data they need to spark conversations within their university regarding future recruitment strategies and to support the engagement with education agents around the world.



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