The use of various online marketing tools will provide you with new and innovative ways to communicate and attract prospective students from all over the world.


Website Development and Lead Generation

An international communication strategy differs from a domestic communication strategy as you need to meet the needs of a diverse group of students from various backgrounds and communicate to students via different languages.


As we know, the new generation also relies heavily on the use websites to research and obtain detailed information, as a result, it is essential for institution the development of a comprehensive website for the international market.


At STUDYMOVE we assist institutions with the complete development and hosting of institutional websites to support your international strategy. We offer a flexible and friendly platform for you and your staff to have complete control of your site.


In addition, we assist universities in developing effective strategies to increase their web traffic and generation of high quality leads with the objective of increasing the number of student enrolments at your institution.


Online Marketing and Social Media

The new digital communications channels represent an extraordinary tool to reach your target audience and your future candidates. The implementation and execution of online strategies can improve your student recruitment and mobility efforts.


Online Marketing and Social Media strategies are useful tools to increase the number of student leads, reach your target market and improve your conversion rate.


Since 2006, we offer our expert advice to institutions for the development and implementation of online marketing and social media strategies. Every day we test the effectiveness of digital channels with the implementation of campaigns worldwide. 


Contact us to learn more about our range of services and find out how we could assist you to develop and enhance your international education strategy.