Access to detailed information is essential for the successful operation of any organisation.


Making use of business intelligence can significantly improve decision-making processes and ultimately lead to business success.


The correct use of information is also relevant when implementing a strategic plan for your institution.


With good information, you can communicate effectively with your main stakeholders for example, faculty members, admissions and recruitment staff, agents and partners.


Most of the time, even when you have the marketing intelligence you need, it is located in dozens of documents and tables that can sometimes be difficult to read and use effectively.


Compiling this information can be a challenging task for inexperience staff however, it is essential for the effective operation of your institution. This is where we can help!


We can assist you in compiling and analysing relevant internal and external statistical data.


Using this data, we can produce a professional and tailored document for you, your staff and institutional executives. You will then have a unique marketing intelligence document which will cover all your main indicators and operations with a design to match your visual identity.


All information obtained during the report production process is held in the strictest of confidence and we are happy to sign Confidentiality Agreements with our clients if necessary. 


The types of Business Intelligence reports we can produce include:


Information which may be included in a Business Intelligence Report include:

  • International students by level
  • Summary of student load (EFTSU)
  • Market share in Australia and by State/Territory
  • Commencements
  • Conversion rates
  • International students by country
  • University market share by countries
  • University markets by rankings
  • International students by faculty
  • Top countries by faculty
  • Top programs
  • Students via agents
  • Top agents
  • Recruitment Costs
  • Cost of Commissions
  • Cost per Commencements
  • Comparison of staff structures
  • Number of enquires by country
  • Webstats
  • Website Traffic
  • Website popular sections
  • Accommodation
  • Student mobility


With detailed information, institutions have the opportunity to manage their marketing and recruitment strategies using facts rather than a "gut" feeling. This results in the successful implementation of strategies and consolidation of opportunities in the marketplace.


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