Studymove has identified that Australian universities currently have nearly 20,000 agreements, arrangements and partnerships in place to support international students enrolling in their study programs. You can now access all of this critical data in one report!  

Impact of COVID-19 in Student Enrolments in Australia
To support the 2021 strategies of education providers, we have reviewed the key data trends of 2020 and highlight the key data insights which will help shape 2021 strategies. 

Key Data International Education 2021
Data is power and to make effective business decisions for 2021, the education industry will need access to timely and accurate data and the insights the data will reveal!

The latest dataset from the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (which is published annually) shows that in total, 27% of on-campus students in the university sector in Australia are international students. Check all the details here.

Impact of COVID-19 in Learning Abroad
Local university students in Australia have been profoundly affected as they are unable to fulfil their plans to undertake a learning experience outside of Australia.