Education Data Reports

A series of key education data reports which are available when you need them!


Our range of education data reports will give you access to timely key data which you and your team may not have had the time or resources to collate within your institution.

They cover a range of "hot topics" which institutions constantly need to monitor and reassess strategies in these areas each year!

The majority of the reports are updated on a yearly basis. 


Key education data at your fingertips!

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  • Gone are the days of your staff spending hours data mining when they probably don’t have time or perhaps the knowledge of how to trawl through websites and drill for the information. 

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  • We have done all the hard work and data discovery for you and we can deliver to you the data report you need for your next planning and strategy meeting.

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  • Our reports are designed to provide both thorough analysis via written reports with the option to also purchase the raw data to enable further analysis to be conducted to suit individual institutions needs. 

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  • Our reports are trusted and purchased by numerous Planning Offices, Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions teams across Australia each year!

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New Insights

Access data which will provide new insights, solve old problems and provide real benefits.

Relevant Data

You will be able to extract and highlight relevant data by topics and metrics from many angles of interest for your university.
Dimity Huckel

We know the value of good data so we have created a suite of essential reports you can easily access to support your decision-making processes and which will ultimately give you a competitive advantage!

Dimity Huckel, Co-Founder, Studymove


Our range of data reports will give you access to key data that you and your team may not have had the time or resources to collate within your institution.


We produce reports in the following areas:

  • International student fees
  • Domestic fees
  • Academic entry requirements
  • English language entry requirements
  • Articulation agreements
  • Scholarships
  • Admissions requirements
  • Education agents
  • Study Abroad providers
  • Pathways
  • Bespoke reports to support your strategies


Please visit our Data Shop to learn more about these reports or contact us directly. 



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Analysis of Fees
English Language Requirements
Articulation Agreements
Admissions Requirements
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