Professional Development Presentations

Educate and inspire staff to look to data when assessing current strategies and developing future ones!


Learn how to read the data, give it meaning through data storytelling and make data driven decisions!

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  • For years, Studymove has been working with institutions to train and education staff on the importance and value of data within the education industry.


    We like to go beyond just the data analysis and enhance data reporting by identifying and communicating the data stories which make the data so much more meaningful.


    We are now offering institutions personalised online presentations to educate and inspire their staff to look to data when assessing current strategies and developing future ones!

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  • We are offering four important topics for these online presentations however, they can also be tailored to your specific needs.


    The presentations can be scheduled at any time convenient for you and your team.


    The presentations run for approximately 1 to 1.5 hours and include time for questions and feedback. 


    Up to 100 staff can connect to each presentation!

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Recommended Topics

Key Data Update - Education data trends and insights


In our rapidly changing industry, it is critical to consult the latest industry data to obtain insights and identify trends which will enable you and your team to stay ahead of the competition.

We are lucky here in Australia as we have access to a wealth of government data and general industry data. Having said that, there is a sea of data which you and your staff must navigate.

Studymove analyses key industry data on a regular basis and can provide you and your staff with a comprehensive review of the latest data trends and insights via a presentation.

These presentations are particularly relevant when the Semester 1 and Semester 2 data is released by the Department of Education.

Data Storytelling


This presentation is about helping your staff develop a new appreciation of data storytelling.

We will take you and your staff on a data journey and show you how you can reveal the stories that the data is leading to in your own workplace.

Tips on how you can communicate, present and publish data will also be given and demonstrated through the presentation.

You will learn how to give data a clear and convincing voice!

Digital strategies to support the recruitment of international students


Learn how to effectively integrate digital strategies into your student conversion funnel!

We will provide recruitment teams with essential knowledge on how to integrate digital initiatives into the overall student recruitment funnel, how to support education agents via digital channels and how to assess and measure the effectiveness of these strategies.


Dimity Huckel

The sea of education data can be overwhelming! Knowing which data sources to trust and how to identify insights in the data can be challenging for some staff. Our professional development presentations provide staff tips and tricks on how to best use and read relevant data, better communicate the data to relevant stakeholders and how to use data to make better data driven decisions in the future!

Dimity Huckel, Co-Founder, Studymove


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