DOTS - Digital, Online and Transnational Survey

DOTS measures the use and effectiveness of Digital Strategies, Online programs and Transnational Education to support the recruitment of international students to education institutions.


DOTS measures the effectiveness of key strategies used to engage with international students.

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  • There has been a massive shift in how the international education sector can attract, support, and encourage international students to continue to see the value of an Australian education experience.


    Education providers are now increasingly investing in digital strategies, and they are now required to change the traditional delivery mode of teaching to online. They are also looking to Transnational Education as a source of future international students or to offer students an alternative study destination meanwhile ensuring that the same high standards of an Australian education is maintained. 


    A lot of time, work and resources have been focused on developing these new marketing and recruitment strategies however, universities do not have data on how successful these strategies have been. 


    Education institutions are investing large amounts of resources in adopting new marketing and recruitment strategies in the hopes that they will assist the sector in recovering but the effectiveness of these strategies is not being measured within the sector to share data, experiences, and success stories!


    DOTS will enable participants to gain a detailed understanding of how other education institutions are engaging these strategies and what role and value the three initiatives have in developing effective international student recruitment strategies.


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#1. Digital Strategies

As a result of COVID-19 and travel restrictions, higher education providers are relying more heavily on digital channels to support the recruitment of international students.

A comprehensive analysis of digital marketing initiatives will provide competitive intelligence on the effectiveness of these tools to support international student recruitment strategies and will provide vital intelligence about who is engaging with, investing in, and getting value from online strategies. It will enable institutions to identify best practice and compare their efforts with other institutions.

#3. Transnational Education

Higher education providers are considering how Transnational Education may play a greater and more important role in the future to establish effective and solid pathways.

The DOTS Analysis will provide baseline data to assess opportunities in this space and highlight the structure of transnational education strategies for each higher education provider.

Reasons why your institution should consider participating!


  • We invite education providers to take part in this annual survey at no cost. Each participating institution will receive a brief report containing the insights based on the responses collected via the survey.  Only blinded data will be report.


  • Insights in these key areas could assist and support education institutions in their efforts on the road to recovery.


  • Having access to these key data insights will improve business operations and directly address the challenges institutions have been facing as the result of COVID-19.


  • The survey insights will assist higher education providers to assess what has changed, what other higher education providers are doing to address the challenges, how effective their strategies have been and how to move forward in a post COVID-19 environment.


  • The survey will provide institutions with insights which will support the development of effective international student marketing and recruitment strategies in the future.


Dimity Huckel

There is currently no instrument or project in Australia which is addressing these challenges or which provides important insights on how higher education providers are managing these strategies and most importantly, how effective these strategies have been to date and over the coming years. We hope you participate to add value to your marketing strategies. Data is power!

Dimity Huckel, Co-Founder, Studymove

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