Marketing Intelligence

We can assist you in compiling and analysing relevant internal and external statistical data.


Access to detailed information is essential for the successful operation of any organisation. Our range of Marketing and Business Intelligence reports will support the implementation and assessment of your strategies.

Making use of marketing intelligence can significantly improve decision-making processes and ultimately lead to business success.

We have designed key reports which we believe would greatly assist your operations or alternatively we can work closely with you to scope and develop reports to meet your specific needs. 


Analysing international and external education data

  • We can assist you in compiling and analysing relevant internal and external statistical data.

    Using this data, we can produce a professional and tailored document for you, your staff and institutional executives.

    We present you with a unique marketing intelligence document which covers all your main indicators and operations and with a design to match your institutions visual identity.

    All information obtained during the report production process is held in the strictest of confidence. We are happy to sign Confidentiality Agreements if necessary.


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The marketing intelligence reports we can produce include:

  • International Student Recruitment Performance Report

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  • Agent Management Reports

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  • Student Conversion Reports

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  • Faculty Reports

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  • Admissions and Acceptances Timeline Reports

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  • Bespoke reports to assess and support your strategies

  • Analysis of Digital Strategies Performance

The data which could feature in the various marketing intelligence reports include but are not limited to:
  • International students by study level
  • Summary of student load (EFTSU)
  • Market share in Australia and by State/Territory
  • Commencements
  • Conversion rates
  • International students by country
  • University market share by country
  • University markets by rankings
  • International students by faculty
  • Top countries by faculty
  • Top programs
  • Students via agents
  • Top agents
  • Recruitment Costs
  • Cost of Commissions
  • Costs per Commencements
  • Comparison of staff structures
  • Number of enquiries by country
  • Webstats
  • Website Traffic
  • Website popular sections
  • Accommodation
  • Student mobility data



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Need specific research to support your strategies?

  • We can also assist you with specific research projects to support your strategies. From data mining to large comprehensive analysis reports, we have been providing support to institutions since 2017.

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