The big question for most institutions is how can they ensure that current and future global partner relationships are valuable, sustainable, strategic and meet the overall needs of the university?


In order to assist institutions in this important task, Studymove has developed a unique and innovative tool to determine the value of global partner relationships – we like to call it the Partnership Assessment Tool (PAT).




PAT is a comprehensive tool which uses specific metrics taken from the most popular international university ranking systems to assess the value of global partner relationships.

It enables institutions to evaluate the following attributes of their current and potential international partners:

•      Brand quality and reputation

•      Geographic priorities

•      Academic alignments

•      Research capabilities

•      Student experience: Employability, enterprise, industry and community

The easy to use tool allows universities to view detailed information about all their international partners to assess if their strengths are a good fit for what their institution has set out to achieve. It will assist institutions to align themselves with and enter into relationships which are mutually beneficial and with the potential to become long-term.



PAT provides a complete analysis that combines a collection of relevant metrics and dynamic spreadsheets (it is presented in EXCEL format) to allow institutions to complete the following tasks:

•      Improve your relationship with current partners. With the use of data, institutions are able to profile their partners in an effective manner. PAT includes a complete database of metrics from the most popular international university ranking systems and a dynamic spreadsheet that allows you to profile your current partners in a click of a button.

•      Identify potential partners. With the use of metrics, institutions can now identify potential partners that cover the strategic capabilities and interests of the institution. The database includes metrics from more than 900 universities around the world.

•      Recognize similarities with current and future partners. PAT includes an algorithm that assists institutions to easily identify similar academic and industry metrics with current and potential partners. We call this algorithm the “Similarity Index” and it provides an exciting element that allows institutions to fine tune their partnership strategy across their university. 



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